Teletalk New Balance Transfer System –!

Teletalk Balance Transfer System

Teletalk New Balance Transfer System –! Teletalk brought great magic. If you run out of money to talk to your loved ones, Transfer them from your phone to Balance. Teletalk brings you great things. You can use this feature only from Teletalk to Teletalk. Those who use the prepaid Teletalk can use this topic.

You can easily transfer your Balance by dialing a pin code. You can transfer a lot of money. You can find out all about Teletalk here. We get all the updated topics very quickly. We want you to know everything and enjoy it. Teletalk is now one of the successes. Teletalk provides very good quality service.

We consider all the issues and bring them to you. We bring these things to you in a very simple way, so that there is no problem for you. Hope your hard work will be successful if you benefit from these issues.

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Teletalk Balance Transfer System:

  • Subscribers can avail Balance Transfer service by using shortcode *124* Pin*Amount* Receivers mobile number#.

Balance Transfer Service:

  • All Prepaid subscribers are eligible to enjoy this service.
  • USSD for Balance Transfer service is *124*pin*Amount*MSISDN# (Default pin is 1234 or 12345678 ).
  • Minimum BDT 10 and Maximum BDT 50 can be transferred in a single transaction.
  • Balance transfer service is only allowed for Teletalk prepaid to prepaid numbers.
  • Daily maximum transfer limit BDT 500
  • Daily maximum transfer times: 10 Times
  • Monthly maximum transfer amount of BDT 1000

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