Robi Emergency Balance Code 2023

Robi Emergency Balance Code 2023! Welcome to Robi customers. It has made your life easier. Robi is no more. Robi brings Emergency Balance. For you No more worry now when the Balance is over. You can take Emergency Balance just as Robi Balance ends. Many of us do not know how Robi Emergency Balance takes over. Many people do not know how to get Robi Emergency Balance, but we do not know how to get the code because we cannot get this help.

Robi Emergency Balance Code

This is our post to let you know. You will talk about Emergency Balance from Robi to Robi. So when you finish talking to Robi, you keep talking about Emergency Balance. You can find out all about Robi here.

At emergency times, Robi will give you up to 100 Tk as an emergency balance. So, what are you waiting for?

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Get now Robi Emergency  Balance: 2023

  • To get an Emergency balance dial *8811*1# or write START and send it to 8811
  • To cancel registration dial *8811*2# or write STOP and send it to 8811
  • Check your balance by dialing *222*16#

Robi Emergency Balance Code Terms & Conditions: 2023

  • You can take a maximum of 100 Tk as an emergency balance.
  • Check your eligibility by dialing *8#
  • Emergency balance code: *123*007# Or SMS: Type “START O” and send it to 8811.
  • In this offer, You can take 12 to 100 Taka as an emergency balance
  • You can use this balance as a regular balance
  • You can avail to make calls, buying internet pack, voice pack, etc by this.
  • 10% SD, 15% VAT, and 1% surcharge will be applicable.
  • You can use this balance at any time
  • Check balance: *1# or *222#

  After mobile recharge, the emergency balance amount will be redacted.

  Robi Emergency balance: 2023

  • The code is *123*007#

We already mentioned Robi’s emergency balance code above. You have to dial this code to get a hotpot balance.

Let us know what our post looks like. I wish you a happy life. Thank you for visiting our website.

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