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Robi Minute Bundle 2023: 475 Minute Validity 30 Days

Robi Minute Bundle 2023: 475 Minute Validity 30 Days!  Robi is giving you lots of words to talk about. Talk to your people no more fear, now speak openly. For this, you should not be late to meet Robi. Speak to Robi, and reduce the cost. Robi is now a superhero. It has taken on a new form all over the world. Robi is giving you a great gift.

Robi 475 Minute

We bring you all the offers of Robi. You will find all the offers of Rabi in Always. You have no idea about this. We are bringing Robi closer to us, friends. With the minute you are getting this offer at 5 GB, this package will have a very limited time.

So do not delay this offer. Please buy this offer to complete our dress. We will get all the updated news of Robi 475 Minute Pack Validity 30 Days here. We want you to not be deceived. That is why you are always with us and this website. You can enjoy this offer by dialing the code below to receive this offer and ask who else to share.

Robi 475 Minute Pack Details:

  • To activate this offer Robi 475 minutes Talktime + 1GB on Price is 278th recharge.
  • Offer Validity 30 Days.
  • VAT + SD + SC included
  • Minute check Code Dial *222*2#
  • Internet Balance check code *3#
  • Bundle Minute Pulse is 10 Second
  • The offer is valid for 30 days.

Robi Minutes Pack 2023:

Minutes Code Time BDT
95 *0*6# 10 Days 61
285 *0*9# 30 Days 183
80 *0*4# 7 Days 53
700 MB, 25 Min & 25 SMS *123*058#


7 Days 58
5GB, 500 Min & 100 SMS *123*599#


30 Days 599
2GB, 150 Min & 150 SMS *123*251# 28 Days 251


To check minutes balance, dial *222*2# & to check internet volume, dial *3#

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