Robi Minute Offer

Robi Minute Pack 360 Minute 218TK Validity 30 Days

Robi Minute Pack 360 Minute 218TK Validity 30 Days! Robi is now the 2nd Telecommunication Operator in Bangladesh. Robi is now offering many opportunities to his customers. It is the best for everyone. So, no more worrying about Robi. Robi is always making new offers. Especially those who have new SIM or old SIM off can take these offers very easily.

Robi 360 Minute 218TK

No matter where you are, you can win Robi offers. Robi is now giving you very low prices. These offers are very limited. If you would like to know about each Robi offers, visit our website. You may not use this offer for all operators. Only you can use Robi to Robi.

If you read this post before then enjoy. We do not want you to read this offer in any fashion. By purchasing this package you will be able to talk very little. We post all the offers for you in 2023. Here you will find information about internet offers, and other packages. How to Buy and Use Offers. We summarize all the codes.

You can enjoy these offers our success. Many people feel annoyed with Robi Net. There is no problem with Robi. Robi is now providing much better services. So we would say you may have been using Robi Net but Robi is now a distraction. Now Robi is very comfortable on the net and talking. If you would like to use this package, we will give you the code below. We will do this work for you. Hope you enjoy this offer.

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Robi 360 Minute 218TK Details:

  • To activate this offer recharge at 218TK
  • Validity 30 Days
  • Use time 24 Hours.
  • Balance Check Code Just Dial *222*22#
  • VAT + SD + SC Included
  • Minute Use only Robi to Robi Number
  • This offer is Limited time

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