Dhaka-Kolkata Service Starts March 29 MV Modhumoti

Dhaka-Kolkata service

MV Modhumoti Ship Dhaka-Kolkata service starts March 29. Good news for travel travelers in India. After the air, rail, and bus, the vessels are being introduced for the MV Modhumoti Dhaka-Kolkata passengers.

 MV Modhumoti Ship will leave Bangladesh on March 29 for Calcutta. The matter was confirmed in a notification issued on Wednesday by the Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Corporation (BIWTC).

MV Madhumati will go to India on March 29 through Barisal
Barisal Times report
5:36 PM, March 13, 019
It is informed that the people of Bangladesh are informed that the Bangladesh-India navy protocol is going to introduce the Dhaka-Kolkata Passenger Service on an experimental basis in line with the government’s instructions by BIWTC’s own sophisticated vessels to facilitate the travel of tourists willing to visit Bangladesh-India under the protocol.

It is further said that from 29 March, BIWTC’s MV Modhumati ship will travel to Kolkata from Pagla Maryandar in the Barisal-Mongla-Sundarbans-Antyihar-Haldia route of Narayanganj.

In the notification, the passengers are given the list of fares. Dhaka-Kolkata cabin rental rates are as follows: Family suites (two) 15 thousand rupees, first class (passenger rate) 5 thousand, Deluxe class (two) 10 thousand taka, Economy chair (passenger rate) 8 thousand and cheap class/deck (passenger) Ticket price 1500 taka

Last year, India and Bangladesh Ships agreed to transport Dhaka-Kolkata passenger ships. The agreement was signed by Bangladesh’s shipping secretary Abdus Samad and the Secretary of the Indian Ministry of Shipping Gopal Krishna.

Due to the introduction of the vessel, the Ganges of India and the Jamuna and Brahmaputra of Bangladesh will be connected to these three rivers.
 This transit will be carried out under the inter-country protocol route (Inland Protocol Route) and coastal shipping route.

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