Happy New Year Bangla SMS –1 January 2022, Quotes, Messages & HD Wallpaper

Happy New Year Bangla SMS –1 January 2022, Quotes, Messages & HD Wallpaper! Today is Happy New Year 2022 1st January.  Happy New Year’s Eve 2022 is celebrated all over the World. Here is share information about the Wishes New Years’ 2022 and more. Just reading continues our post.

However, here is a provider of Happy New Year Bangla SMS 2022 Wallpaper, Quotes, Images, Status, Message, SMS, Text, Greetings, Wishes, and many other collections are available on this post. So, read more.

New Year Bangla

New Years Bangla SMS 2022 Bangla Messages:

>“Abar Ashlo January Mash, Goromer Oboshane,
Notun bochorer Notun Hawa, Ushnota Dilo Prane.
Moner Shokol Glani Vulee, Jibon Ghoro notun Vabee,
Notun Notun Shopno Dekho Notun bochorer Tane…”

>“Notunn Bochorer Notuun Surjho Boye anuuk Apnar Anondo
Notuun Bochorer Notuun Aloo Jiibon Hok Shobar Dhonno
Notun Bochorer Notun Asha Shobai Mile Badho Sukher Basa
“Happy New Year”

>“Nottun dineer notun aalo,
dure niye jhak nikos kalo,
notunn surjho notuun prane,
bajhao baddo jiibon gaane,
katuk adhar aalor sporshe,
metee uthokk monn notun borshe.
“Happy new year 2022”

>“kothaar seshee notun beshe
asche kon veela anonde veshe.
notun choya asche prokitir majhe
taii to monn sejeche rongin bese.
Shuvo hok notun bochor.

> Happy New Year Bangla SMS <

>“Nabiin provateer notuun aaloke
Sagotoo janai eii dhoroniloke.
Anondho monee barinu tomare,
Ogrim suvecha janai sadhore.

>“Rong Be Rongge Sejeche Jatii.
Dak Dholer Chora Chorii.
Jiibone Ashuk Notun Priti.
Sukhe Ghoro Jiibon Tii.

> New Year Bangla SMS  2022<

>“Dak dhol major tale
rong beronger moner deyale
bangali songskriti ujjibito thak juge juge
>Happy New Year 2022<

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