GP SIM Prepaid To Postpaid

GP SIM Prepaid to Postpaid Migration! By keeping your prepaid number the same, you can simply migrate your prepaid connection into MyPlan through the MyGP app, or you can visit your nearest GrameenPhone touchpoint. There are representatives who will be at your service to complete the rest of the tasks.

After Migrating into MyPlan you will enjoy:

  1. Upto 50 Poisha/Min (GP – Any local operator)
  2. Unused amount carries forward.
  3. Free data every month.
  4. Up to 18 GB, free data offer for the next 6 months.

GP SIM Prepaid to Postpaid Migration Details Of My Plan:

150 TK
(per month)
160 TK
(per month)
250 TK
(per month)
450 TK
(per month)
650 TK
(per month)
1000 TK
(per month)

GP prepaid to postpaid migration Offer:

Pulse 1 sec 1sec 1 sec 1 sec 1 sec 1 sec
Call Rate(Any voice call) 60 Poisha/Min 54 Poisha/Min 50 Poisha/Min 50 Poisha/Min 50 Poisha/Min 50 Po isha/Min
SMS Charge 0.3 Tk 0.3 0.3 Tk 0.3 Tk 0.3 Tk 0.3 Tk
Free Data N/A 500MB 500MB 2GB 3.5GB 6GB
STAR Status Silver Silver Silver Silver Gold Gold

How to Change GP Prepaid to Postpaid Other Details:

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