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Dinajpur District 2023 All Post Code

Dinajpur District 2023 All Post Code! This Article is about the Dinajpur District in Bangladesh. We know Dinajpur District is a district in the Rangpur Division of northern Bangladesh. Dinajpur District is the largest district among all sixteen northern districts of Bangladesh. According to our Special Source, Dinajpur was once a part of the ancient state of Pundrabardhwan.

Dinajpur Postal Code

The British administrative control in Dinajpur was established in 1793. At the time of the Partition of Bengal in 1947, part of the greater Dinajpur district was included in West Bengal and it was named West Dinajpur. People of the district took part in the Tebhaga Movement and also made significant contributions to the War of Liberation. Here you can easily get Dinajpur all postal codes.

DinajPur Upazila Name:

  1. Biral Upazila, 2. Birampur Upazila, 3. Birganj Upazila, 4. Bochaganj Upazila, 5. Chirirbandar Upazila, 6. Dinajpur Sadar Upazila, 7. Ghoraghat Upazila, 8. Hakimpur Upazila, 9. Kaharole Upazila, 10. Khansama Upazila, 11. Nawabganj Upazila, 12. Parbatipur Upazila and 14. Phulbari Upazila

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Dinajpur All Postal Code:

Si. No Thane/Upazila Name Postal Code/ Zip Code Sub Office
1 Biral Biral 5210
2 Birampur Birampur 5266
3 Bangla Hili Bangla Hili 5270
4 Birganj Birganj 5220
5 Chrirbandar Chrirbandar 5240
6 Khansama Khansama 5230
7 Khansama Pakarhat 5231
8 Maharajganj Maharajganj 5226
9 Chrirbandar Ranirbandar 5241
10 Dinajpur Sadar Dinajpur Rajbari 5201
11 Dinajpur Sadar Dinajpur Sadar 5200
12 Parbatipur Parbatipur 5250
13 Phulbari Phulbari 5260
14 Setabganj Setabganj 5216
15 Nababganj Nababganj 5280
16 Osmanpur Ghoraghat 5291
17 Osmanpur Osmanpur 5290
18 Nababganj Daudpur 5281
19 Nababganj Gopalpur 5282

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