New 2023 Dhaka To Panchagarh Train Schedule & Ticket Price

New 2023 Dhaka To Panchagarh Train Schedule & Ticket Price! According to the Bangladesh Railway, Panchagarh Express started its journey on 25th May 2023. Now, Panchagarh Express will run from Dhaka to Dinajpur to Panchagarh Road. Here are Details of the Panchagarh Express Train Schedule with Ticket Pricing.

Dhaka to Panchagarh Train

It has a total of 12 Coaches. It has one AC Cabin and One AC chair, a Total of 7 Shovan chairs, Power Car and PRayer rooms, a Guard Break, and 2 Food Coach. Besides these, the Total Seats are 896 from Panchagarh and 871 from Dhaka where 30% of Seats are reserved for Panchagarh, 25% For Thakurgaon, and 30% and 15% For Dinajpur and Parbatipur respectively.

Panchagarh Express is Semi non-stop Intercity Train. The route of this Train is Dhaka-Dinajpur-Panchagarh. 793-794 is the Train number of this train. It will run seven days a week. It doesn’t have an off day.

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Panchagarh Express Train Schedule:

The Train will start its journey from Dhaka at 12.10 Am. It takes a break at Dhaka Airport Station at 12.42 AM. It will reach Parbatipur at 7 AM. And Dinajpur at 7.37 AM. Finally, it will reach Thakurgaon and Panchagarch at 9.40 Am in the Morning

Reversely, It starts Journey from Panchagarh at 1.45 PM and Reaches Kamlapur Railway Station at 10.35 PM. On its way, it will take stoppage at Thakurgaon, Dinajpur, Parbitpur, and Dhaka Airport stations. The approximate timing is 1.53 PM, 3.02 PM, 3.55 PM, and 10.03 pm respectively.

Panchagarh Express Ticket Price:

As the Train runs from Dhaka to Panchagarh On the way to Panchagarh it has several stoppages. Like Thakurgaon, Dinajpur, and Parbatipur. There are three classes available on this train. They are Shovan Chair, AC Cabin, and AC Chair. Here is the details ticket price for Panchagarch Express.

From To Class/Type Fare/Ticket Price
Dhaka Panchagarh Shovan Chair 550 BDT
Dhaka Panchagarh AC Cabin 1942 BDT
Dhaka Panchagarh AC Chair 1053 BDT
Dhaka Thakurgaon Shovan Chair 520 BDT
Dhaka Thakurgaon AC Cabin 1833 BDT
Dhaka Thakurgaon AC Chair 989 BDT
Dhaka Dinajpur Shovan Chair 465 BDT
Dhaka Dinajpur AC Cabin 1649 BDT
Dhaka Dinajpur AC Chair 892 BDT
Dhaka Parbatipur Shovan Chair 440 BDT
Dhaka Parbatipur AC Cabin 1563 BDT
Dhaka Parbatipur AC Chair 840 BDT

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