BL Local SMS Pack,100 SMS, 70 SMS, 200 SMS & 500 SMS 2023

BL Local SMS Pack,100 SMS, 70 SMS, 200 SMS & 500 SMS 2023!  Banglalink has brought a great Banglalink Local SMS Pack. This package is for Banglalink customers only. Banglalink is now the best of Bangladesh for everyone. You can buy Banglalink Local SMS Pack 2023 and give it to your friends. This offer is only given to you by Banglalink. Enjoy funny messaging with your friends, and send the very lowest rate SMS by Banglalink.

Banglalink Local SMS Pack

So, send Of Banglalink Local SMS Pack like love SMS, Funny SMS, and Happy birthday SMS with your friends and Family and other persons. SMS plays an important role in expressing the mind; message Banglalink to Banglalink SMS bundle package. Fully updated the Banglalink SMS bundle offer, any customer will be able to enjoy this special BL SMS offer 2023.

You can also get this package by becoming a Banglalink customer. There are many people who want to buy Banglaibk SMS packages at very low prices. Thinking about them, Banglalink brought this package. Many times there are some people who know about this package but have no idea how to buy it.

So there is no tension on this. You can now easily find out how you can buy this package. If you know this topic then we need to complete this post. Then you will know about this package.

Banglalink SMS Pack 2023 Any Operator,  Banglalink SMS Pack Code:

BDT/TK Validity Banglalink SMS Pack Activate / USSD Code
30 30 Days 500 *1100*9*1*1#
15 15 Days 200 *1100*9*2*1#
7 7 Days 70 *1100*9*3*1#
3 3 Days 30 *1100*9*4*1#

Banglalink SMS Pack 2023 Terms & Conditions:

  • Dial *124*17#to check your SMS balance.
  • All prepaid and Call & Control customers are eligible for these offers
  • Once pack validity expires, unused minutes/SMS/internet cannot be used anymore.
  • 24 hours can be used.
  • VAT + SD + SC Included.

If you want to know all the updated offers of Banglalink then you will get all offers if you visit our website. We do not want you to accept an offer to buy an offer. You can enjoy your life by buying a Banglalink SMS offer and sharing it with your relatives.

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Banglalink to any Number SMS Pack 2023:

  • Get Banglalink 200 SMS at 5 Taka (on-net)
  • With all charges for 3 days
  • To activate this offer dial *132*200#
  • SMS Balance check, Dial *124*7*6#.

Banglalink 7Tk 70 SMS Offer:

  • To buy Banglalink 70 SMS At 7Tk.
  • The validity of 7 days
  • To activate this offer, just need to dial *1100*5*5*1#
  • SMS Balance check, Dial *124*7*6#.

Banglalink 500 SMS Pack For 7 Days:

  • Banglalink 500 SMS 10 TK
  • Validity: 7 Days
  • Activation Code Dial *132*500#
  • SMS Balance check, Dial *124*7*6#.

Banglalink 500 SMS Pack For 30 Days:

  • To buy 500 SMS 30Tk Offer.
  • The validity of BL 500 SMS, 30 days
  • To activate this offer, just need to dial *1100*5*5*2#
  • SMS Balance check, Dial *124*7*6#.

Banglalink 100 SMS Code Details:

  • All BL customers are to buy and purchase BL 100 SMS @ only 2.99 TK.
  • Need to dial *222*8#and follow the further Instruction.
  • 100 SMS check to dial *124*3#.
  • Bl 100 SMS validity 24 Hours in a Day or more Details, Please call 01911304121.
  • VAT + SD + SC per Day.

Banglalink 200 SMS Pack at 2.99Tk:

  • To activate the BL 200 SMS @ 2.99 Taka Offer,
  • To activate this offer customers need to Dial USSD code *222*8#
  • This offer is only for Banglalink Play package Users.
  • The Validity of Banglalink 200 SMS Offer, 24 Hours.
  • Customers can buy the BL 200 SMS Offer 2023 as many times as they want during the offer
  • To check the remaining balance of Banglalink 200 SMS Package *124*33#.
  • VAT + SD + SC will be applicable.

Banglalink 500 SMS Offer:

  • To buy purchase Banglalink 500 SMS 5 TK.
  • Customer Need to dial *132*1#
  • Banglalink 500 SMS Check Code, Dial *124*2#Of BL SMS Offer 2023.
  • SMS validity is 24 Hours in a Day or more For Details, please call 01911304121.
  • Vat + SD + SC per in Day of BL SMS offer 2023.

Banglalink Local SMS Pack 200 SMS 15TK:

  • To activate the Banglalink 200 SMS Any Operator Number 15 TK Offer 2023
  • To activate this offer customers need to dial USSD code *1100*5*5*5*21# 
  • To check the remaining balance of Banglalink any local number 200 SMS Offer 2023, customers need to dial *124*2#.
  • The Customer used the BL 200 SMS Bundle Offer all operator numbers and uses time 24 hours.
  • The validity of the Banglalink 200 SMS Package, is 15 Days.
  • VAT + SD + SC will be applicable.

Please let us know if you have any thoughts about this post. Thank you everybody for visiting our website.

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